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This is a nice, affordable, compact camping lantern. It charges quickly via USB-C, and it also has a USB-A port for emergency charging small electronics. The lantern has three different shades of white light, ranging from soft to daylight. It also has a red light mode, which can also be made to blink. There is a fold-out handle on top, fold-out feet on the bottom, and threaded receivers on both the top and bottom, making this a versatile lantern that can be used in a variety of ways. It is just the right brightness to fully light a decent sized camping tent. It does seem to be relatively weather resistant. Overall, we are very happy with this LED rechargeable camping lantern.

@Jeremy Jacobs

Simple and easy to set up, they include two ways to install. Ground stake or wall mount. The light unit articulates just over 180° as another 200° on the vertical axis. 8 different color lights to chose from. Seems to be well made, but we shall see how they hold up for over the summer sun.

@Judy Kay

I rate this product 5-stars and would give 10 if that was an option. The lights completed my makeup table & mirror. I love, love, love this product! The lighting is bright and has multiple options for brightness. I love that the cords are adjustable as well and allows for you to adjust and hide the cords in the rim of your mirror. This is a great product and was very easy to install.

@Amazon Customer

Simple to install—easiest fan I’ve ever installed—it even has a hook to hang the fan so your hands are free to wire everything when completing as a one-person job. It’s better than what I thought it would be.